Dali Museum Inspiration

I’ve tried to incorporate into my life more of what Julia Cameron calls “Artist’s Dates”. Life gets busy and it’s sometimes hard to take time away to treat yourself to a solo outing for some inspiration.

img_1982-e1549827967842.jpgI’m grateful to have a day job that invests in employee training and lucky for me the training was in beautiful Saint Petersburg, Florida. Thursday after class I felt a little “peopled out” so I caught a Lyft to the Dali Museum. I had seen photos of his iconic melting clocks but really wasn’t very familiar with him as an artist.

Sadly I only had two hours to tour the museum but the docent leading the tour convinced me of his brilliance despite his eccentricities, and some say madness. Surrealists see the world so differently and I enjoyed a sneak peak into that world. Embrace the irrational. Explore the symbolic.